• Nov.09,2016 biochemical products and medical intermediate Achiever Biochem is engaged in the development and marketing of chemical, biochemical products and medical intermediate, as well as providing technical consultation and GLP analytical services. We possess seven Chinese patents of our products.

    Upon foundation, Achiever Biochem cherishes the idea of ‘achieving excellence’ to fulfill the achievement of both serving our customers and contributing to the sustainable development of Chinese chemical industry.

    The chemical analysis lab of Achiever Biochem was inspected and was awarded the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Certificate by the Netherlands GLP Compliance Monitoring Programme since 2011, and is now operating in compliance with OECD GLP principles. In 2013, our GLP Lab gloried in obtaining the ICAMA GLP Certificate.

    As an independent third-party institute, we are honored to provide reliable physical-chemical property tests and five-batch analysis to our customers and commit to promoting competence of your products.

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